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Do You Know What the Most Important Part of Your Business Is?

Do You Know What the Most Important Part of Your Business Is? by Jane Button

Some of my clients have a tendency to spend so much time on their actual creative product that selling or marketing it is only an after thought. It's sort of, "OMG you mean they won't just show up on my doorstep now that I have this great product?" The answer is a resounding, NO! It's up to you to entice potential buyers to look at what you have.

You are now in business to make a profit. Most creative artists, designers and crafters begin their business because they love to create. They love the design process. When making the leap from hobby to business there is a learning curve. You are now selling your products which means you need to have customers look at the product, fall in love with the product and ultimately spend their dollars on the product. And come back again!

Marketing gets potential buyers to look at your company and your product line. With so much out in the marketplace for them to chose from - you need to let them know why they should chose your design, your product, your label. So putting together even a simple marketing plan is critical for any creative product whether it is a line of clothing, jewelry, toys, table top, art or any crafted item.

A Simple Start-Up List: Marketing 101

Who's Your Target Market?: Once you determine this, gear everything towards this customer. A tip I give my clients is to have them give her/him a name, age, income level, number of children, marital status, location, etc. You get the idea. This way your target is always clearly in your mind. Don't make the mistake of deciding what your customer wants. Know what your customer wants first.

Business Card: Your business card at the very least should include the name of your company, your name, email address, website and what your product is. I've gone to craft fairs and trade shows only to come home with a hundred business cards and am amazed at how many do not even include information about what the product is. Use the backside of the business card to add a tag line or an invitation to receive your ezine or newsletter. Business cards are an inexpensive advertisement. Design them well - and know you can always change them. 

Online Presence: It's important that you have an on-line presence. Whether it is a full blown website with a catalog of your products, a simple website or blog, being on the internet is no longer optional. This is where you are going to have photos of you work, possibly a full catalog, information about your company, your compelling story, point of view and a shopping cart if you are selling retail or wholesale. Your customers will find you here. Having an Etsy or EBay account is good but does not take the place of having your own identity.

Hang tags, romance cards, labels and packaging: All of these tell a story about your company and the product. For example if you create jewelry, make sure it is presented in a lovely box or bag and has a "romance card" enclosed with information about your company & how to find you again. Hang tags on garments, accessories or sewn products should all be shipped or sold with a creative hang tag. And don't forget packaging for any item - it all makes your product presentation stand out - and gives your company an identity and helps to brand your company.

Keep in touch with your customers: Use postcards, blogs, ezine (online newsletter): You'll want to keep in touch with your customers whether they are wholesale or retail. Let them know when you are having a sale; when you are discontinuing a design; when your new line is coming out; poll them on what they want - remind them that you are still in business.

Tell your story and get free publicity with press releases: Your local newspapers are always looking for stories. You'd be surprised at how easily you can get them to write and article about you or your company. Gear your release to what is current in the news for the best results. Also give your local newspaper a call to follow through. You can now send out press releases online.

Look at marketing as an extension of your creative & artistic mind and it will be easy to do. If you don't know how to do the technical part, hire someone to help you. With virtual assistants and easy to find technical help on sites such as elance -  it's a great way to get your project done quickly.

For information about marketing your business you'll want to look at my complete system for putting your plan together:  Creative Product Marketing Home Study System

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