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Are You a Mompreneur or a WAHM?

Dear Jane,


I've been in the corporate world for nearly 10 years. I recently lost my job and am now planning on using this pretty permanent "lay-off" as an opportunity to turn my obsession with designing, sewing pillows and other home dec items into a business. I have tons of ideas and I just purchased your Home Study System which I am have just started. But my biggest problem is working around my 2 kids. Now that I'm a WAHM or Mompreneur do you have any words of wisdom or tips for how I'll ever get anything done with a busy toddler and a 1st grader? Kim A. Plano, Texas
Dear Kim,Agatha-Cat
First of all, congratulations on turning lemons into lemonade. I personally think there is no time like the present for starting your own business. With corporate America cutting jobs it's time for entrepreneurs to come out of the woodwork and show their stuff.
I can only speak from the experience I had in managing my family life while starting my company from home. When I launched my first business over 20 years ago, the internet was barely existent and certainly not what it is today. I think there was no such word as "mompreneur" and I had no idea what a WAHM (work at home Mom) was. Though some of my friends worked outside the home most of them had given up their careers to raise children (at least for the short term). Most people, including my friends and extended family, did not in my opinion, take my business seriously or respect that I was creating my empire.
Currently you can find many forums, blogs and information on the internet about Mompreneurs and WAHMs. There is a great support system out there where you can find tips. I will list a few of my favorites at the end of this article.
Here are my quick tips for what helped me to move my business forward while still being a great Mom, great wife, and the glue that keep our family going during the time when my husband was terminally ill and after his death.

1. Create your own space for working - Even if it is tiny corner or table - make it your own. My husband built a table for me in our basement. It was really long and very high. I had to sit on a bar stool chair to work - and the kids could not reach it, at least for a few years.


2. Keep a Schedule. I'm a creative person so I love spontaneity and flexibility. But kids in bed at a decent hour, nap times, dinner time within a range and other activities planned out allows you to carve out working times.


3. Make the most of your working time with as few distractions as humanly possible - no TV in the background, no surfing the internet without intent... you get the idea here.


4. Hire a VA (virtual assistant) to do administrative work at the very least. If you're resistant to this idea please read Tim Ferriss's book, The Four Hour Work Week and you'll get why you must delegate certain activities if you're ever going to get the important things done. A VA can get more done quickly than you can and do things you don't like to do which means you can work on the crux of your business. Words of wisdom from my husband John, "Do what only you can do and delegate the rest."


5. Build systems for EVERYTHING you do. Systems will give you freedom, save your life, your marriage and your children. I almost always have my students read the classic book by Michael Gerber, The E-Myth. Check out information below about my friend Beth Schneider who is the ultimate systems person having formerly worked with Michael Gerber.


6. Get a virtual PBX phone system so your own home phone or cell phone will announce a business call. Makes you sound like a bigger company and screens calls for you.


7. Plan your weekly menu in advance and shop accordingly. I personally love to cook and I'm good at it. But when I'm cooking at the last minute trying to decide at 6:30 what we're going to have

for dinner, it just doesn't work well. A Menu Plan will save you time & money and have your family eating healthy food which is good for everyone. And one more thing: Eat together at the table as a family! It keeps everyone connected and happy. My son Chris wrote an essay entitled "Everything I Know I Learned At the Dining Room Table".


8. Get a copy of Side-Tracked Home Executive by Pam Young & Peggy Jones. I love my mother dearly, but organization is not her forte, so this little book (now very shop-worn) was the start-up for me developing systematized processes. The "SLOB" sisters are still around, and www.flylady.net is a reincarnation of their their original ideas.


9. Set goals for your business: weekly, quarterly. yearly. I'm in the habit of writing a time frame next to each component part of my goals and I measure it in terms of time I anticipate for each. It might be 15 minutes or 3 days. No matter, it gives me a good idea of how to plan each task and chunk it down into bite sized pieces.


10. Dress like you're going to work. I know, I know...you're home with kids. But honestly you'll work better when you dress better because you feel better.


Here are a few of my favorite resources:


Carrie Wilkerson, "the Barefoot Executive" an incredible Mom with 4 children and a successful home business has a free download: Finding Your WHY


Beth Schneider is my go-to person for systems: Process Prodigy


I hope these tips help you in your new exciting venture - you're going to love it!
Love and Success, 




2009 Jane Button International Design2Market Success

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