When you need direction, strategy, accountability and



focus to Transform Your Creative Business?



Dear Creative Entrepreneur,


There has never been a better time to grow a business. It's easier than ever! And yet, many creative entrepreneurs with great ideas go month after month or year after year without growing their business. Time moves forward, but the idea does not.


The question is - what is stopping you?  Are you stuck? Is your brain filled with so much information about what to do, you are confused?


Where DO you want to be a year from now? Not hitting the goals you set last January? In the same place you are right now with your creative product business?


If you're satisfied with where you are - there's no need to read any further. But if you're ready to make some BIG changes and some serious money and investment in yourself - then  please continue.


You've got a Great Product and some fantastic ideas for more products, and you've had some success...... but now you don't know exactly what to do next  or how to do go about doing it...and you're ready to make multiple mid 5 or even 6 figures.


Are you confused - Everyone tells you something different?


You're not sure what's really going to work for YOUR products.


You've read every book & listened to all the internet


gurus till your head's spinning and you're blue in the face.


And you're going No Where FAST!



Maybe you've been struggling with your product business, even working at a "day job" while you get your product off the ground - or you've stayed stuck at the same level for years and  getting to  the high 5 or 6 figure level seems impossible or perhaps you've only recently started with a great product but don't know the rest of the business. You've got a great product - but now what?


Isn't it time to stop the trial and error?


And get your products into stores? Or sold online? Or Both?


Now is the time to FAST TRACK Ahead of your Competition


While  at the same time POSITIONING your company for Success




"You Don't Know What You Don't Know Till You Know It"


You have a fantastic product you've created and you've had some success. You may have taken some online classes, gotten advice from well meaning friends and family. But now you're ready to fast track to the next level - ready to hit 6 figures. And you need help from someone who's had success with products - who understands the product industry, the timing, the sales, the marketing, how things work, how to manufacture and how to get from where you are right now to where you want to be.



There are sales milestones and you want to hit those


without the trial and error to get momentum.



The milestones I frequently talk about are $100K, $250K, $500K and $1M



You Need A Strategy & A Plan


You also want to be supported with a team who can understand your mindset when fear, doubt and worry creep into sabotaging your success. With someone to keep you accountable, on track and help with making decisions.





What Would Your Life Be Like If Your Business Hit 6 Figures?




Can you even imagine how that kind of transformation will change your life and impact others? Getting your products into the right stores, knowing how to approach buyers and get the sale - and then deliver the goods on time takes more than just a good product or word of mouth.



You can do this and do it faster than you think possible once you



have your plan, consistent accountability and a straight forward



strategy for achieving your goals.



The best way to achieve your goals is through accountability, with a mentor and a group.


This is why I have put together this brand new CREATIVE EDGE Mastermind - only for creative product entrepreneurs. I don't believe there is anything else like it. It's a MOTIVATED group of people who are serious about making big changes - and are willing to be accountable and put in the work necessary to be successful.





                    Here's What's Included




Monthly Group Training / Strategy Presentations with Jane ($2,500 value)

All modules are recorded and in a private membership site, so you can review



1 Monthly Private one on one Laser Coaching Sessions with Jane ($3500 value) These are pre-scheduled calls 30 minutes each



Membership in the Private Creative Edge Mastermind Facebook Group this is where you can communicate with other group members - share information and ask Jane questions about your business



Strategy Session to Jump Start your program. After filling out a questionaire about your business, you'll schedule a 2 hour private session with Jane to map out a plan for your business vision. Everything will be recorded.



2 Monthly Open Q&A Calls




If that were not enough, for those of you who act FAST,

And Submit Registration by September 30 will Receive Access To:



Training 1: "Begin with the End in Mind" Filling in the gap from where you are now to where are you going. What will it take? Sales and Profit Goals.





Training 2: Rapid Results: Create A Master Plan for your creative commerce success. This will be your personal "Product Success Guide Book" 



Training 3: Pricing for Profit: Creating the right prices for your target market for the best profit and margins. We'll cover cost of goods, labor costs, packaging costs, keeping track of inventory, working with suppliers and more...




Training 4: Manufacturing Without Tears: Finding the right manufacturer, factory or setting up your own in house / samples / creating a process efficiency


Training 5: E-commerce Website Creation: Pages, layouts, essentials, recommendations, shopping carts for your business model




Training 6: Your Story, Your Brand, Your Purpose: Why it matters and how to pull it together to attract your clients and customers. Are you a product or a business? Creating the identity of you brand.



Training 7: Your Line Sheet (or Sell Sheet) & Order Forms: How to create, what to include, what not to include and deciding on your terms & policies



Training 8: Creating Your Perfect Lead Magnets: Get the word out and romance your potential customers. Picking the ideal ones to grow your list for your brand. Pull people in with your charm.


Training 9: Email Marketing Works! Connecting and communicating with your list. Creating autoresponders, newsletters and staying in contact with your customers. How often to send an email, what to say, how to pique interest without bothering!




Training 10: Social Media: Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest We'll go into setting up your FB Business Page, what to post, how to streamline and how to create ads that work. Instagram for product sales and Pinterest promotions and sales.  (this may have extra time or videos attached)



Training  11: Creative Product Marketing: Beyond Social Media: PR, gift guides, print advertising, trade shows, fairs and festivals. 




Training 12: Operations: Creating Processes That Work for quality control, shipping on time, follow up and accounting for profitability. At the end of the day, how much profit will you make?



When it officially Launches in January 2015.

This is where you'll have access to

Specific Trainings designed for Creative Products;

Monthly Live calls where you'll get new trainings and ask questions

Special Resources for Product Based Business

Community on Facebook. It will compliment your Mastermind giving you access

To trainings you can do on your own. Your BONUS Membership will be 12 Full Months!

(Total 12 month value $1164)


This is the Creative Edge Mastermind Group Program.



It is only for people who are willing to do the work - no whining - no excuses allowed!


There are Limited spaces available and we are only looking for those

members who are action takers and serious about getting results - NOW!



6 Month Program

Full Payment Plan

Full Payment $9997

6 Month Program

Optional Payment Plan


5 Payments of $2127






Program Requirements:

  • Willingness to share your successes, challenges, frustrations, major accomplishments, ideas, wisdom & goals


  • Attend or listen to all training calls


  • Have a passion to grow your business as well as yourself


  • Keep all sensitive information confidential to the group


  • Make a commitment - this is the key to our success!


  • Have a business already started - this is not a group where you are trying to decide what to create



This is a high level Creative Edge Mastermind Group Program.

It is only for people who are willing to do the work - no whining - no excuses allowed!





"Working with Jane netted me a simple idea we came up with through brainstorming that increased my cash flow for one month by over 67% in one day."


Jane is very generous with her one to one coaching time, which is really helpful for someone with my kind of brain.

The ideas get enough time to hatch before the session is over, which makes it super easy to take action right away. I highly recommend Jane's Design2Market Success program!


Sheryl Brown




"Jane Button knows her creative product marketing stuff!...She is ahead of the curve on all aspects of the numerous details to bring a product to market. "

Jane is helping me launch a new creative project with a series of products that go along with it.  Her strengths, based on her own personal business successes, are generously shared with those of us who are part of her Platinum Group.
She keeps us creative types focused and accountable to our goals.  She provides “tough love” direction and encouragement to keep us “moving forward.”   She is ahead of the curve on all aspects of the numerous details to bring a product to market.  She is on top of the ever-expanding social media marketing tools, and has the vision to show us how to apply these to our specific needs.
Most importantly, she has a passion for helping us bring our creation to a profitable marketplace and cares very deeply about our success.

Jane Button rocks!"

Lynn Dykstra
“Your Professional Photographer”
Focused Images Visual Solutions LLC



"Jane has literally saved me months of time and loads of money, much more than the price of her services."

"Hiring Jane Button as my business coach is the best thing I could have done to get my business started the right way. She has great experience in the craft field, loads of tips, tricks and vendor solutions, as well as heartfelt encouragement. It is important to surround yourself with positive people when you start a new venture and Jane is just that. She has helped me remain focused and positive. The regular sessions keep me moving and motivated.

Even if you have plenty of business experience, which I have, there are many nuances in the craft field that I never would have dreamt of. Jane has firsthand experience with these and can guide you through pricing products, go-to-market strategies, branding and many other crucial areas of product launch. She has literally saved me months of time and loads of money, much more than the price of her services.

I highly recommend that you spend the time and money upfront and build your business the right way, with Jane Button."



Brenda Gemmell

Folk HeART International


"I now have a relevant, detailed plan that is going to take me where I want to be..."


"I started my creative business just over a year ago after working in healthcare for 15 years.  It was time for a change and I was ready to follow my passion and fly.  I soon realized that starting on that path was not only exciting - it was also overwhelming. 


Since meeting with Jane for a mastermind, I now have a relevant, detailed plan that is going to take me where I want to be...... Jane's experience and natural ability to think outside the box have enabled her to help create clear business goals, and provide information to help steer my business in a direction that makes sense, especially in this economy."

Melanie Norris

Fresh Leaf Designs


 Love & Success - You CAN do it!







Jane Button

Design 2 Market Success



*This is a full 6 month program and your results depend on you being involved, completing assignments and your implementation. Monthly payment options are available for your convenience only,  this is not a month to month mastermind rather a full 6 month program.


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