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When you're just starting your business or balancing a new business while working a "day job" you're wearing many hats! You may be doing many things in the business yourself or with very little help - or support from friends and family. It can be a confusing and lonely time especially if you've never owned a business.


And what I always say is "you don't know what you don't know" and how would you?


I didn't know how to run a business when I started my little cottage industry in my basement. All I knew was I needed a product - and I assumed (wrongly of course) that people would see it, love it and buy it!


And there is so much more to it! You don't want to go down rabbit holes wasting time and money. With product businesses, which are very often seasonal, you miss a season and you can miss a year!


Here are the best places to start:






Just Starting Out?

If you're new to being a design or creative entrepreneur or you're stuck in start-up phase, start here...




As a start-up you're wearing many hats and you don't know what you don't know! What you do know is you want to do get the business going and make some money!


I've been there before - and though you are always learning, I've put together programs that will help you to get started ---->




Ready to Leap!

You've started your business and don't want to go through the trial and error to expand your business it's time to leap and not climb...



You're climbing the success ladder - step by step even when you don't know what that is! And you're also zigzagging and back tracking and sick and tired of not making the progress and money you'd like.


Now is the time to up your game, get on the fast track and stop it with the trial and error with a plan and accountability!


VIP & Private Options

You want to invest in

yourself and your business

and GO BEYOND & play

a bigger game it's

time to make it happen...




You're passionate about your business and it's time for serious action and growth! Maybe you're adding new lines,  expanding into unknown territory and

need a strategy to get to that 6 or 7 figure business.


We can create a complete strategy and

game plan and then follow it through!









"My launch was a completely overwhelming task just a few months ago. Now? Still a little scary - anything really important better be, right? But overwhelming? Nope.


I feel like I have a co-pilot. I'm flying the plane, but someone who knows the equipment is right next to me in case something goes wrong.


Thanks for having my back Jane!"


Stefanie Somers

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