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Stop it! The truth about doing it all

I see it over and over - and in fact Iíve done it myself, but youíve got to STOP IT if you want your business and your life to be successful and profitable.


Let me ask you something? Do you think Ralph Lauren is out in the shipping room packing boxes? or Diane Von Furstenberg does her own bookkeeping? Do you think Martha Stewart does all of the projects that appear in her magazine or takes all the photographs?


Of course not....


Okay, these are the big guys - but they did not get bigger by doing everything themselves. They had help, asked for help and found the right people to help them.


One of the biggest challenges I run into when I am consulting or coaching clients is the lack of understanding about outsourcing or hiring someone to help.


There seems to be a universal resistance.


Here are the top 3 excuses I get:


1.      I canít afford to hire anyone


Truth: PLEASE, I am so tired of this one. You canít afford not to! Sounds like a clichť but it is so true. I fell into that trap at first. My sales were low and I kept thinking I could not afford the luxury of help other than manufacturing. But finally I did something that freed up my time - I hired a housekeeper. It gave me more time for my business and more time for my family.

With that first hire I realized I could easily leverage myself in other ways too. It opened my eyes to hiring or delegating other work, which led to making more money and profiting faster. The next person I hired was a bookkeeper - and that changed everything!


Ask yourself the question: Am I creating a business or a job for myself? If itís the right answer < Business > you must learn to delegate or all you have done is create a JOB.

2.      I donít have time to find the right person

Truth: You donít have time not to! Time is so precious; we all have the same 24 hours every day. By taking the extra time in the short run to hire the right person you will save time in the long run. It will make up for itself more than 10 fold.

Start by deciding which job you want done. Then write down all the skills that would be associated with that job. Remember you are expanding yourself NOT DUPLICATING yourself. If you are a clothing designer would you hire yourself as a bookkeeper? Probably not the best choice....

3.      Itís easier to do it myself

Truth: NO it is not! You may think itís easier at the time - but add up your time day after day, week after week, month after month doing all those tasks where you say ďitís easier to do it myselfĒ.  Think of what you could create for your business vision by just using that time to build your business? In the long run creating systems for all those things you think are easier if you do them yourself and hiring someone to do for you is far easier than using your precious time.


As my mother would say, itís FALSE economy.

Maybe you donít think itís s*exy to create systems - but what is more s*exy than a great life creating the business of your dreams that can run without you doing everything yourself day after day?


Now youíre saying to yourself, okay Jane, easy for you to say, but where do I start?

Good question.

Start at the beginning by writing all the component parts of your business. If you have a creative product business you likely have these 7 basic parts of your business:

  • Design / Product and Line Development

  • Sourcing / Pricing

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Production / Manufacturing

  • Operations / Accounting / Bookkeeping

  • Fulfillment / Shipping

  • Customer Service

Regardless of how big or small your business is these are the basic parts. Grab a piece of paper and at the top of each page write one of the component parts. Youíll have 7 pages.


Go through each area and write down all the tasks that need to be completed in each category.  In this case the size of your business does not matter. It also doesnít matter if you are currently wearing all the hats. Just start writing everything that connects to each area and not necessarily in order.


For example, take Sourcing / Pricing. List all the relevant steps you might take if youíre working on that aspect of your business. You might:

(1) Research other products on the internet so you know your competition and their pricing

(2) Find new sources for raw materials or order samples of raw materials to make prototypes.

(3) Create a spread sheet with all of your cost of goods for each product to make sure you will be profitable

Once you have gone through each of the areas, ask yourself these questions: Is this something that I could outsource or hire someone else to do? Does it require my time doing the work or overseeing and checking the results? Am I the only one who can do this task?


When you have gone through this exercise you can clearly see what can be delegated and what cannot. Combine that with the answer to: what do I most want off my plate? and youíll have your decision on where to start outsourcing or hiring so your BIG IDEA becomes a profitable business.

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